New Guinea Tiger (NGT) Datnoid (Datnioides campbelli)

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The New Guinea Tiger (NGT) Datnoid (Datnioides campbelli) is a captivating fish species sought after by experienced aquarium enthusiasts. It features a sleek body with a silver base color, prominent black vertical bars, and colorful fins. The NGT Datnoid has a striking appearance with a deep yellow coloration and black vertical bars. NGT Datnoids are active swimmers that enjoy exploring their surroundings. They can display territorial behavior and may establish their own territory in the aquarium.
SOLD SIZE: about 1.5"
Origin: New Guinea and surrounding regions.
Max Size: Up to 12-14 inches in size.
Recommended tank size: 150 gallons or more
Water temperature: 76-82°F
Temperament: can be semi-aggressive, especially towards smaller tankmates.
Diet: They are carnivorous and should be fed a varied diet of live or frozen meaty foods such as feeder fish, shrimp, worms, and small crustaceans.
Life span: With proper care, 10 years or more.