Neolamprologus Tretocephalus

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Tank 113

Neolamprologus Tretocephalus is a small freshwater fish species native to Lake Tanganyika in Africa. They have a unique appearance, with a rounded and flattened head, large eyes, and a slender body with a light base color, black stripes and a blue hue on their fins. They resemble a Frontosa Cichlid but remain much smaller. These fish prefer an aquarium setup with plenty of rocks, caves, and sandy substrate that mimics their natural habitat.

  • SOLD SIZE: 2"-2.5"
  • Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa
  • Max size: 5-6 inches
  • Recommended tank size: 30 gallons or larger
  • Water temperature: 75-80°F
  • Temperament: Semi-aggressive
  • Diet: Carnivorous; feed a variety of high-quality flakes, pellets, and live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, krill, and small pieces of fish or shrimp.
  • Life span: 5-8 years