Marble Senegal Bichir (Polypterus senegalus)

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Tank 124

The Senegal Bichir (Polypterus senegalus) is a fascinating species known for its unique physical features and behavior. It has an elongated body covered in armored scales and a pair of lobed pectoral fins. The coloration can vary, but it commonly includes shades of light brown and light green, providing excellent camouflage in its natural environment. Senegal Bichirs prefer a well-decorated aquarium with ample hiding spots like caves, plants, and driftwood. 

  • SOLD SIZE: 4”-4.5”
  • Origin: West Africa, Senegal River basin
  • Max size in inches: 12-14 inches
  • Recommended tank size in gallons: 55 gallons or larger
  • Water temperature: 75-82°F
  • Temperament: Generally peaceful, but can be territorial towards similar species
  • Diet: Carnivorous, feed a variety of live and frozen foods like worms, small fish, and shrimp
  • Lifespan: Up to 20 years