Julidochromis Marksmithi

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Tank 121

Julidochromis Marksmithi is a species of cichlid fish found in the shallow rocky areas of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. They have elongated, cylindrical bodies with bold black and white vertical stripes, with blue along the edges of its fins. They are relatively small cichlids. These fish prefer a rocky aquarium setup with plenty of hiding places and caves to explore. Julidochromis marksmithi is a peaceful species, but males may become territorial when breeding. They are easy to care for and make good additions to a community aquarium with other small, peaceful fish.

  • SOLD SIZE: about 1.5”
  • Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa
  • Max size: 4 inches
  • Recommended tank size: 20 gallons or larger
  • Water temperature: 75-82°F
  • Temperament: Peaceful, but males may become territorial when breeding
  • Diet: Omnivorous; high-quality flake or pellet food supplemented with live or frozen food
  • Lifespan: 5-8 years