Gold Tetra (Hemigrammus saizi)

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The Gold Tetra (Hemigrammus saizi) is a peaceful freshwater fish species originating from the Amazon Basin. These fish are relatively small tetra species. They have a golden body with a distinctive gold body. In the aquarium, they prefer densely planted tanks with subdued lighting and dark substrate. Gold Tetras are schooling fish, so they should be kept in groups of at least six individuals. 

  • SOLD SIZE: about 0.5" 
  • Origin: Amazon Basin
  • Max size: 1.5 inches
  • Recommended tank size: 10 gallons or larger
  • Water temperature: 72-80°F
  • Temperament: peaceful
  • Diet: omnivorous, requiring a varied diet of both plant and animal-based foods
  • Lifespan: up to 5 years