Black Devil Spike Snail (Faunus ater)

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Tank 93

***Coloration may vary***

The Black Devil Spike Snail (Faunus ater) is a freshwater snail species that originates from Southeast Asia. It is also commonly referred to as the Black Devil Snail or the Horned Nerite Snail. 

The Black Devil Spike Snail is known for its striking appearance. It has a black, cone-shaped shell with intricate patterns and small spikes or ridges. These snails are highly valued in the aquarium hobby for their ability to consume various forms of algae, including green spot algae and diatoms. They help keep the aquarium clean and prevent excessive algae growth.

  • SOLD SIZE: 1.5"-2"
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Max size: Up to 3 inch
  • Recommended tank size: Any size as long as it meets the needs of other tank inhabitants
  • Water temperature: 72-82°F
  • Temperament: Peaceful and non-aggressive
  • Diet: Herbivorous. They primarily feed on algae and biofilm, grazing on surfaces in the aquarium.
  • Lifespan: 1-2 years