Altum Angelfish "Rio Orinoco" (Pterophyllum altum) - Group

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***Group: 4 Pack***

Rio Orinoco Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum altum) is a beautiful and rare species of angelfish that is native to the Orinoco  River in Colombia. They have a tall and narrow body shape, and can grow up to 12 inches in length. Their scales have a silvery sheen with dark vertical stripes. Rio Orinoco Altum Angelfish prefer a planted aquarium with ample swimming space with low to moderate flow. 

  • SOLD SIZE: 7"-9" Tip to Tip
  • Origin: Orinoco River in Colombia
  • Max size: 12 inches
  • Recommended tank size: Minimum 75-gallon tank for a pair
  • Water temperature: 78-84°F
  • Temperament: Peaceful and can be kept in a community tank with other non-aggressive species
  • Diet: Omnivorous, including flake, pellet, and frozen foods
  • Life span: Up to 10 years in captivity