Mbu Puffer (Tretradon mbu) T153 - Medium

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****Largest Freshwater Pufferfish***

Tank 153

The Mbu Puffer (Tetraodon mbu) is the largest Freshwater puffer fish, known for its unique appearance and interesting behavior. They have a round yellow body covered in a brown pattern with a strong jaw filled with sharp teeth. They can change color depending on their mood and surroundings, ranging from a light brown to a dark greenish-brown. These fish prefer a tank with large swimming areas. They are relatively aggressive and can be territorial with other puffers. 

  • SOLD SIZE: 6”-7”
  • Origin: Africa
  • Max size: up to 30 inches 
  • Recommended tank size: 300 gallons or larger
  • Water temperature: 75-82°F (24-28°C)
  • Temperament: Peaceful with other species. Not best to keep with other puffers
  • Diet: carnivorous, including snails, crustaceans, and other fish (feed a variety of protein-rich foods)
  • Life span: up to 20 years