Hypostomus luteus PHASE 2

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Tank 81
The Hypostomus luteus is a fresh water pleco out of South America. The Luteus hatches with a near black body coloration and white spots, this is considered phase 1. As the Luteus grows and gets larger its fins begin to transition to a yellowish gold coloration. Fully yellow fins with a black body is considered a phase 2. Then the body coloration begins to transition to the yellowish gold coloration, an all gold individual is considered to be phase 3. With their striking coloration and large size they are considered the "Holy Grail" of plecos.

Luteus Plecos come from two countries, Brazil and Argentina. The Luteus plecos that are imported from Argentina have a sailfin, much larger than the Luteus plecos from Brazil. This individual Luteus is from Argentina
SOLD SIZE: 9”-11”
Origin: Argentina
Max Size: Up to 18 inches or more
Recommended tank size: 250 Gallons, larger is best
Water temperature: 75-82°F
Temperament: Generally peaceful, can show aggression towards other bottom dwellers and plecos.
Lifespan: 10+ years with proper conditions